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Jordanelle Reservoir in Park City

Investment Analysis

If you are thinking about buying a Park City Real Estate investment property, we can help you with a Free Real Estate Investment Analysis by a Certified Real Estate Investment Analyst.

The comprehensive analysis will generate cash flow projections, Internal Rate of Return and cap rates based on assumptions of purchase, resale, mortgage requirements, cash flows, and tax impact.

The extraordinary events that have influenced the real estate markets in the past five years make it even more critical to go back to the basics of real estate investment.

  • Know what the market is doing (competitive alternatives, economic projections)
  • Know how much you should be paying for your real estate investment
  • Have a way to earn a return on your investment
  • Ensure you take advantage of all tax benefits associated with your real estate investment
  • Have a defined exit strategy

We have always believed in developing a robust real estate investment strategy that is long-term in nature and not overly reactive to issues. Don’t hope and dream on a bubble, be honest on what you are getting yourself into.
Our other essential belief is to honestly evaluate the potential investment properly. Ensure you take into consideration cash flows, potential asset appreciation, tax benefits, mortgage reductions, and leverage benefits.
Our professional and disciplined approach, based on listening and applying accepted financial principles is geared toward giving you honest feedback on your opportunity.
There are three ways that appraisers typically value property

  1. Comps
  2. Replacement Value
  3. Income Approach (Net Present Value)

Unfortunately, in today’s world, many investors simply look at the cap rate which has serious flaws. The cap rate fails to include impact on taxes, appreciation on the property, leverage, and debt reduction. The Income/Net present value approach is a far superior approach that incorporates all of the critical financial elements.
As part of our services, we will provide you with a free investment analysis by a Certified Real Estate Investment Analyst.
We are determined to be the last Real Estate Investment Analyst Advisor you will ever need.

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Investment Analysis

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